The general objective of this project consists on the development of a new sheet forming process by using an anthropomorphic robot which allows flexibility on the manufacturing of sheet metal parts.

The purpose is to use robot’s technology with different devices for fixing, bending and form the sheet locally until obtaining the desired shape. The process is controlled by a forming simulation system, a numerical control and a force control.

This project, initiated and coordinated by Autotech Engineering A.I.E, has the participation of University of Girona and ASCAMM Private Foundation.

It is not only a technique of rapid prototyping and incremental forming. The aim is to develop a flexible technology, easy access and low cost relative to volume of production, able to produce functional sheet metal parts. Originally focused on the production of sheet metal parts of the automotive industry, can also be developed for any other market related to sheet processing.

The project is a new global technological challenge of the XXI century, which should increase the competitiveness of GESTAMP group and its development, allowing meeting the new challenges of production and market demands.

This technology should be understood as an ally of current technologies in GESTAMP group, complementary to traditional stamping, hydroforming, roll forming or assembly.

The technology should be reliable, fast, flexible, accessible, competitive and respectful with the new environmental challenges in the use of materials, energy, toxic products and CO2 footprint.