The GREP has taken a lead in research and technology transfer projects, in response to the demand of the industrial sector in the areas manufacturing processes, product development, machine design and business organization.

The relationship with companies is established through UdG-Business agreements, in which we take special care to meet project deadlines, define the ownership of and the use rights over the results, establish confidentiality agreements and other specific aspects of each particular relationship.

Technology transfer projects:

  • Redesign of mechanical components for improved manufacturability and/or assembly.
  • Simulation and modelling of the production process.
  • Integration of concurrent engineering tools in SMEs.
  • Innovation and product development.
  • Design of tools for improved production planning systems, such as Lean Manufacturing.
  • Implementation and maintenance of comprehensive management systems quality, environment, safety).
  • Computer-assisted systems for process planning.
  • Improvement of production management systems.
  • Design and manufacturing of prototypes with Rapid Manufacturing techniques.

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