GREP, the Product, Process and Production Engineering Research Group, was created in 1998 at the University of Girona. The group is made up of PhD in Industrial Engineering and Medicine, industrial engineers, computer engineers, industrial design engineers and economists, and focuses its activity on various aspects of the production economy. In 2006, a scientific collaboration agreement for research and training in the field of manufacturing technologies was signed between the UdG and the ASCAMM Technology Centre. Since then the GREP has led the collaboration effort.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the GREP is to promote greater well-being in the region through knowledge creation, innovation and technology transfer and to help industrial companies be more competitive.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as a reference in Catalonia and in product, process and production engineering research, and to position ourselves, solidly, in Europe.

The scientific rigor and quality of our group’s research work is evidenced by the high number of articles published in international journals every year, the numerous contributions to national journals, the papers presented at various national and international conferences, the popular science books published and the licensing of patents, all of which leads to long-term collaborations with businesses in the surrounding area. 

Escola Politècnica Superior de Girona, Universitat de Girona

Edifici PII c. Maria Aurèlia Capmany, 61- 17071- Girona.