Master's degree

Type: mixed mode
Offered by: the Department of Business Administration, Management and Product Design and the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Inustrial Construction
Number of credits: 60
Language of instruction: English (100 %)
Duration: one academic year
Method: face-to-face
Course organized by: years
Timetable: aternoon/evening, from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm h
Maximum number of students: 40
Price: Subsidized

Training objectives

The master’s programme provides specialization in business innovation and technology management.
With an interdisciplinary outlook and an international vocation, it is aimed at students from different disciplines who wish to acquire the skills necessary to carry out activities related to innovation management in any type of organization, including new product or service development processes, management tasks in R+D departments, and programmes to promote innovation in private organizations or the public administration.
The master’s programme can be professionally- or research-oriented, depending on the subjects taken, the type of assessment used and the master’s project undertaken.

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Academic staff person in charge:

Joaquim de Ciurana

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Escola Politècnica Superior de Girona, Universitat de Girona

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